Join us Thursday on The Morning Zone for these guests:

7:37AM MST: We continue our special series on aging and retirement living with Travis Lingenfelter, Marketing Manager at Pointe Frontier Retirement Community and with him, Sharon Green from Professional Estate Solutions to discuss in depth,  the ever-growing concern families have about how to affectively downsize from a 2000 + sq. ft. home to an apartment in a Senior Living Community.  As the baby boomers are getting to the age of seriously considering a Senior Living Retirement Community, they have 40+ years of personal belongings, furniture, momentos and various items throughout the home. Sharon is Cheyenne’s professional in assisting with these matters among many other services her company provides.


9:07AM MST: Dr. Mark Stock from Laramie County School District #1 is back for his regular monhtly update on what's happening in the District as we head into Christmas vacation. We will talk with Dr. Stock about the latest on the siting for the proposed new Prairie View Elementary School, and the results of the State Department of Education's Youth Risk Behavior Survey released yesterday.