Today on The Morning Zone at 7:37AM MST: You don’t often hear a European intellectual insist that Christianity is the foundation of Western democracy. Yet Marcello Pera, a member of the Italian senate and a distinguished philosopher, argues forcefully that liberal democracy cannot survive the destruction of its Judeo-Christian religious roots. In Why We Should Call Ourselves Christian: The Religious Roots of Free Societies, just published in the United States, Senator Pera shows that “liberalism”—the political, economic, and social system based on the natural rights of the individual—is the fruit of the Judeo-Christian understanding of man as created in the image and likeness of God, who endows him with “certain unalienable rights.” Europe’s dangerous experiment with secularism, relativism, and multiculturalism isn’t going well, he says, and should serve as a warning for the United States.

At 8:07AM, Director of Wyoming Workforce Services, Joan Evans, will be our guest. Joan will update us on the latest employment training opportunities, how Workforce Services works with both employees and employers to fill jobs, and also, the latest from the Unemployment Division on their efforts to crack down on unemployment fraud.

Then at 9:07, The Obama Administration's ferocious enforcement of opaque regulations is killing jobs. The head of the Texas Workforce Commission, TOM PAUKEN, points to the harassment of  Gibson Guitars as an example of the Administration's hostility toward private-sector employers. A crushing regulatory burden and a senseless business tax system are keeping private-sector job growth stagnant and wiping out what remains of America's manufacturing base, Pauken argues. The solution to high unemployment is to change the way we tax U.S. businesses. In his book Bringing America Home, Pauken shows how the current tax code rewards debt and penalizes hiring. It's hard to imagine a dumber system. The solution, he argues, is surprisingly simple: a revenue-neutral business consumption tax.