The 2018 Budget Session of the Wyoming Legislature has adjourned.

On the final day  of the session on Thursday, lawmakers were able to come to agreement on a pair of thorny issues.

Both houses on Thursday afternoon approved House Bill 140, dealing with school funding, and House Bill 194, capital construction. An attempt to override a gubernatorial veto of the ''crimes against critical infrastructure" bill failed on Thursday afternoon.

The Senate voted 20-5 to override Governor Matt Mead's veto of Senate File 74. But the override attempt floundered in the House, where 33 of 53 representatives voted to uphold the veto.

A total of 330 bills and resolutions were numbered for introduction during the session, with 142 of those passing both the house and Senate.

Governor Mead signed the Budget Bill on Wednesday, although he did veto some line items in the budget.

The total appropriation for the 2019-2020 biennium is $8.63 billion, of which $2.9 billion is included in the General Fund. While the primary budget for the biennium is drawn up during the budget session, lawmakers can propose supplemental budget items during a general session. Wyoming alternates a 20 day budget session with a 40-day general session.

2019 is slated as a 40 day general session, with non-budget items taking the spotlight.

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