[/caption]Join me, Gary Freeman, host of Across America radio program as we visit with Yvonne Donnely. She is the Executive Director of something you and your children may be interested in, "Constitutional Champions". Find out why this is important to you and your children, how to set one up in your area and how this group is on the move in educating our youth about the Constitution in a fun way. Click through the jump to hear about "Constitutional Champions". Thanks for listening!





What is Patriot Camp?
Patriot Camp is a way to teach kids about the founding of our country in a day camp setting, so that kids will have fun while they learn, and develop an interest in our history and a love for America.

Why should we run a Patriot Camp?
Many kids, especially elementary-aged kids, are not learning much about our country's history in school. Parents may not have learned much of our history either (or may be in need of a review.) Patriot Camp involves everyone - kids, parents, and the community – coming together for the common goal of educating ourselves and our children about our great nation.

What is the cost?
Each kit costs $135.99 (plus handling and shipping) and provides materials for 24 students.  You will also need to spend additional monies on supplies and materials for crafts and food.  The kit contains handbooks on how to run the camp along with the detailed outline of what is taught each day.  Extra materials are included to enhance the campers experience such as posters of founding fathers and small gifts for each camper.

Do I need to be a teacher to run a Patriot Camp?
No, you do not have to be a certified school teacher. You will need to do your own background work and research some things, but all you need is the desire to learn and teach kids about our country.

Do I need to do research or read other materials before the camp?
We have provided a summary of topics in our manual to give you a quick reference along with the curriculum to teach every day.  However, you may want to do some additional reading. You will find that many books, while extremely interesting and full of good information, are also very thick and can be overwhelming. An easy way to get started is to visit your local library and borrow picture books or juvenile books on your subject of interest.

How much time will planning take?
Allow for at least a month to read the materials to get a clear idea of how to run the camp and get all of your resources ready.

Find out more when you visit www.constitutionalchampions.org