Today at 7:07AM MDT, our man on the border, John Marshall will be on The Morning Zone with a hot follow up story on the ATF sending arms into Mexico to trace the recipients. Read his latest column here.

By John Marshall

Marshall’s Law Dateline – Does sufficient probable cause exist to investigate if Obama’s closest staff was recently involved in assassination of one U.S. Federal Agent and attempted assassination of one U.S. Federal Agent in Mexico? Questions for professional investigators, what are the odds one case would have so many coincidences?

Coincidences or linear evidence:
1. Consider “one of two specific weapons” BATF “wanted” smuggled into Mexico so bad; rumor has it BATF ordered another Federal Agency who had detained the smuggler and “specific weapons” directed by higher authorities that smuggler and “specific weapons” be released and allowed to enter Mexico.
2. Assassin would “randomly” target U.S. Federal Agents in high profile vehicle at “abandoned” road block.
3. Professional killer would be so shocked by his actions, that he would panic and leave his high dollar “specific weapon” (one which BATF wanted smuggled into Mexico) behind at crime scene to be traced back to American gun show sale.
4. Drug cartels know that killing U.S. Federal Agents in high profile case would be bad for business and not benefit cartels. Only beneficiary of this assassination would be BATF and Obama’s allies seeking to reduce Second Amendment protections by regulating private gun shows out of business.

Texas Drifter is not accusing anyone of anything; only asking questions which last I heard are still protected by First Amendment. For those with courage to determine if above coincidences are in fact linear evidence; remember, first to squeal first to get deal.

Second, families of those murdered or yet to be murdered along with all American citizens have inalienable rights to witness due process indictments, due process trials, due process defenses, due process convictions, due process appeals, and due process executions as above crimes involve capital murder and attempted murder of U.S. Federal Agents.

Closing thoughts, Moderate Republicans and counterfeit conservatives like some Republican House Leaders who do not have courage for American Constitutional due process justice should go home and play with their wife and children, and leave due process justice to principled patriots.

Also due to seriousness of crimes, talk show hosts and others should avoid letting their emotions cause them to make comments which prevent accused from receiving their due process day in court. Texas Drifter encourages professional investigators who believe above coincidences do not deserve further investigations to offer comments.