Just when you thought that Spring was actually here, then comes the snow to remind us all that regardless of our desires, Mother Nature is still in control.

Over the past few months in the Capital City and on the front range, it seemed to be a roller coaster ride. With temperatures in the 60s and 70s then drastically changing to 30s with snow over the weekend, it's evidence that there's never a dull moment when you live in the high plains area.

I was really hoping that Mother's Day would be much like Resurrection Sunday... with blue skies, sunny hills and high temperatures. But alas, no. Jack Frost continues to float through the air and bring his version of Spring for the next week or two. So if the snow is causing you to think about Christmas, rest assured come July, you'll have this weekend to think about as you long for cooler weather.

It's been said that if life hands you a bowl of lemons, we are encouraged to make lemonade. If life hands you 10" of snow, don't fret; just build a snowman.