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6:07AM MDT: Dave will recap the results of yesterday's primary election in Laramie County

6:37AM MDT: Economic News

7:07AM MDT: Watchdog on Wall Street pundit, Chris Markowski is back to make sense out of today's top financial information.

8:07AM MDT Global Islamic Terrorism Expert, Sarah Stern, guests. We woke up to the news on Sunday, that the recently elected President of Egypt, Mohammad Morsi, had just fired General Tantawi, and his military Chief of Staff, Sami Annan, along with commanders of the air force, navy and an anti-aircraft unit. He did so while dissolving Article 25 of the Egyptian Constitution that affords the Egyptian military some degree of independence and grants them some legislative powers, and therefore made the entire military a part of his Muslim Brotherhood government. In their stead, Morsi has promoted generals and chiefs of staff who were all part of Muslim Brotherhood sleeper cells.

9:07AM MDT: KGAB/Townsquare Media's Digital Cowboys, Peter Aras and Jon Green are back to continue their discusion of the importantance of using the new media and social media to market your business. They will also be talking about their new program starting this Saturday at 1PM here on KGAB, The Computer Corral with The Digital Cowboys.