It's another exciting day in The Morning Zone with host, Dave Chaffin.

7:07AM MDT: Avi Lipkin (Victor Morteqi) is back to talk about  a CIA MOLE SAYS IRAN TO ATTACK U.S.: Has Given 3 Terrorist Cells Green Light to Hit Their Targets .AVI LIPKIN is an author, speaker and cofounder of Israel Today Magazine, who has served 30 years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Reserves, 16 years in the IDF Artillery Reserves and 14 years as an IDF spokesman.Avi served two years as senior editor and translator in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office.Since leaving that office, Avi has had the opportunity to be a guest on many popular US talk shows including Sean Hannity and Fox & Friends.

7:37AM MDT:  Dr. Deb  Hirschhorn talks with Dave about  Unhealthy Relationships: Singles' Top 7 Warning Signs
8:00AM MDT: Open Line Time. Call and talk with Dave about what's on your mind...1-888-503-6500 or 307-632-6500 or 632-3323

9:37AM MDT: Jon Green KGAB's Digital Cowboy joins us. He will answer all your digital questions.