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Today at 8:07AM MDT, our featured guests will be Mike Lambert
Manager, Wyoming Entrepreneur Market Research Center and Matt Varilek
Regional Administrator, Region VIII, U.S. Small Business Administration. They will be discussing Unemployment rate – Laramie County is 4.9% (June ’13) – how does this compare to similar counties in other Region VIII states? SBA Loans – What is the SBA seeing for trends in our area? Are we ahead of last year’s numbers? What impact do SBA programs have on Wyoming jobs creation?  Is there a particular sector that seems to be growing more?  (Possible SBIR connection here.  The Wyoming SBIR program is located at UW, web:  http://www.uwyo.edu/sbir/
·        How is energy development affecting the greater business community in WY? Is the SBA seeing a dramatic response to this booming industry? Demand for capital, counseling, contracting?· What will be the impact of the Affordable Care Act have on Wyoming small businesses? ·  What are the SBA’s priorities under your new leadership (Matt) and Amy Lea, the recently appointed District Director for Wyoming? And how do those relate to Laramie County?· What’s new with the SBA that shows the governmental entity is continuing to be responsive and nimble to the needs of the business community.

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