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SPECIAL NOTE: Yesterday morning on The Morning Zone, U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis called in to let us know of a possible vote coming as soon as tomorrow in the House of Representatives in an effort to create a solution to the "Fiscal Cliff". She asked that today in the 9:00AM MST hour on the program, we dedicate our discussion and you to weigh in on the two present potential options....#1 Congress would vote to allow "Sequestration" to happen with the complete tax increases and extensive spending cuts, including military, with the possibility of a long term, permanent fix that could be put in place later....#2 Vote to allow taxes to rise on everyone earning a million dollars or more while allowig all of the other "Bush" tax cuts to remain in place with minimized spending.

7:07AM MST: TURNING PAIN INTO GAIN: Author Shares Inspiring Story About Her Son...Imagine losing your own son to a rare and perplexing disease. Imagine suffering the loss before he even turns three years old. Such is the trying tale of Christina Levasheff, whose son Judson was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, an affliction that eventually left him paralyzed and blind before it ultimately took his life. On the other side of the initial heartache, Levasheff found the strength in her faith to turn her personal tragedy into an opportunity to serve God and others in a new and glorious way. And she is available for interviews to share her amazing story. It began when she set out to start Judson’s Legacy, a ministry in her son’s name, and culminated in the release a new book entitled Eyes that See: Judson’s Story of Hope in Suffering. As a guest on your show, Levasheff can tell how Eyes that See uniquely allows the reader to enter Judson’s story as it actually unfolded, through a collection of journal entries and letters to family and friends. It is a heart-wrenching, yet, inspiring account of Christina’s journey as she cries out to God in heartache. It’s filled with laughter, tears and hope, and is a powerful and compelling account that and will challenge readers to view their own life and heartache from a new perspective.

7:37AM MST: Parents have a lot to compete with when it comes to teaching their children the true meaning of Christmas. There are parties, visits with Santa, and, of course, Christmas wish lists filled with requests for the latest tech gadgets.
Darryl Nyznyk can relate. Like many parents, Nyznyk was concerned about teaching the reason for the season to his four (now grown) daughters. Realizing that no modern stories portrayed Christmas like the classics of yesterday (think Dickens A Christmas Carol), Nyznyk set about putting his storytelling prowess to use – holiday use. And when he recited a short story for his then eight-year old daughter at her birthday party as a way of imparting the true message of Christmas, he never realized that it would one day be an inspirational novel. Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas (Cross Dove Publishing), winner of three Mom’s Choice Awards, is a modern-day story in which a mysterious old man named Nicholas shares the true meaning of Christmas with two young people. Sarah Stone is an 11-year-old rich girl who lives “on the hill” amid butlers, nannies, housekeepers, and a father who is too busy for her. Jared Roberts is a 13-year-old tough kid from the “sink” on the other side of town where he and his gang barely survive broken families.

8:07AM MST: Small Business Development Center:  Mike Lambert, manager of our Market Research Center, will be filling in my spot in the studio, but in addition, we will have our annual guest from the SBA.  In the past Bob Auflick, the Deputy District Director would join us but he retired this year, so the new Deputy District Director, Amy Lea, will join us, via phone, to give an update on the SBA's involvement with small business, access to capital, and various programs being rolled out by the department.