We get back to normal today on The Morning Zone after the Labor Day Weekend,

7:07AM MDT: Early Bird Open Lines...We'll start the day with your chance to be our guest and weigh in the issues concerning you. Call in toll free at 1-888-503-6500 or locally at 307-632-6500.

7:37AM MDT: Chris Simmons, one of the most successful spy-catchers of the last half-Century, Chris Simmons successfully ended or crippled the careers of over 80 spies and led the interrogations of over 700 terrorists and other “High Value Individuals” in Iraq and Afghanistan. His Iraq operations were so feared by Al Qaeda that they dubbed his interviewing center, “The Cemetery” and “The Devil’s Den.” He spent 28 years in government service, migrating back and forth from active-duty Army Service and civilian employment with the Defense Intelligence Agency. Chris will talk regarding the current situation in Syria

8:07AM MDT: Amy Edmonds, former Wyoming Legislator and now with the Wyoming Liberty Group think tank, will be Dave Chaffin's guest. She will be discussing  the Liberty Forum taking place this evening. The event will be a continued focus on common core in Wyoming.

9:07AM MDT: Update from Laramie County Community College