5:05 pm MST - Conservative Author and Blogger Ann Coulter continues to defend Herman Cain and will discuss the crumbling of the "Cain Train".  Were the accusations legitimate?  Should he have pressed on?  Additionally Coulter will weigh in on business mogul Donald Trump being a moderator in the upcoming GOP debate. 

5:35 pm MST - Fox Business Channel Host Stuart Varney discusses how the direction of Europe's economy is a tell tale sign of things to come here in the United States.   Will Germany save the Euro and what will happen here in the US if the EU fails? 

6:05 pm MST - Congressman Tim Griffin (R-Arkansas) is championing a bill to end congressional pensions, it's called the EPIC ACT and he's here to discuss it!   Griffin believes congress needs to lead by example, and that the House and Senate should give up their pensions while the country faces economic turmoil.