It is a banner day toay on the Morning Zone, Listen in to host Dave Chaffin and his guests:

7:07AM MDT: Former police chief and Crime Columnist Jim Kouri is back and will be discussing his latest column(posted on under "Commentary"), Will Eric Holder resign from his post at the Justice Department? And should he resign, who would replace him? Now that President Barack Obama has successfully garnered four-more years in the White House, attention to his second-term cabinet is increasing with many questioning the future of Obama's controversial U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, according to several police sources who spoke to me on Saturday.Over the weekend, several national news organizations pointed to statements Holder made regarding possibly leaving the Obama administration before the start of the president's second-term, according to Kenneth Schortgen Jr. at Examiner.

7:37AM MST: Bullying expert, Marvin Nash will update us on the case of the young McCormick student who apparently attempted suicide due to bullying.

8:07AM MDT: Dale Steenbergen Executive Director of The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.

9:07AM MST:Agenda 21 expert, Karen Bracken and T.E.A. Party organizer M. Lee Hasenauer will join Dave for a candid and informative discussion on the latest Agenda 21 issues.