Today's guests:

7:07AM MDT: William Black....Black is now an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and the author of "The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One." He was the deputy staff director of the national commission that investigated the cause of the savings and loan debacle.

He said today: "The facts are in, and we now know that the ongoing crisis represents by far the most expensive epidemic of fraud in history. It was an epidemic of fraud that the FBI first warned of in 2004 -- and predicted that it would cause a financial 'crisis.' It was an epidemic that Chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke could have ended with a stroke of their pens by heeding the pleas to ban liars' loans. And it is an epidemic led by elite bankers with total impunity. A staggering percentage of homeowner wealth was stolen and destroyed by the elite frauds. Attorney General Holder, Chairman Bernanke, and Secretary Geithner should resign and be replaced by those who will insure that no man is above the law."

7:37 AM MDT: Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen is back for his monthly visit with host Dave Chaffin. Dave will talk with him about the latest issues effecting the City including the eminent domain fight over the land for the roundabout at 19th Street, Converse and Pershing plus the City's work with the DDA to encourage more development downtown including an update on what's happening with the downtown hole.

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