Be listening this morning as host Dave Chaffin talks about the latest happenings in the middle east:

7:07AM MST: Micah Halpern, our long-time middle eastern columnist joins us to update us on the the latest from the Syrian Civil War, the bounty placed on the heads of U.S. diplomats and soldiers.

7:37AM MST The General Manager from Pointe Frontier Retirement Community will join us for his monthly "Ask-A-Local Expert" segment.

8:07AM MST:Ted Shoebat, middle eastern pundit ...As opposition to the new Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt grows, the Washington Times reports that the Obama administration is sending reinforcements in the form of tanks and fighter jets to help Mohammed Morsi beat it back. Another report suggests that Al-Qaeda fighters from surrounding countries will be entering Egypt to fight for Morsi as well.

Theodore Shoebat, the son of a former Muslim terrorist who was once a Muslim Brotherhood activist and PLO member, says that we are just seeing the beginning to a very brutal age in Egypt, where it won't just be about the State enforcing Sharia law but also the masses and that Christians and other non-Muslims will be killed because that's what the law mandates.

“Egypt is headed for a very, very dark age,” Shoebat says, “Salafists in Egypt are unrestrained and make no bones about what they want to do.” Shoebat contends that with the Obama administration's unwillingness to help Christians in the Middle East, coupled with its support for the Morsi regime, Christians in Egypt are in grave, grave danger.

“Christians will soon face the terror of Koranic despotism in Egypt, and I believe throughout the Middle East. But we must be on the right side of history, and in doing so, that means making our cries against any evil kingdom heard,” Shoebat said.

The Christian churches throughout western civilization are being confronted with a very cold, hard reality, says the son of a former Muslim Brotherhood member. “This is their time to stand up forcefully against what is going on because their Christian brothers and sisters are about to be slaughtered en masse, by Islamic tyranny.”