Senator John Barrasso, R-WY, photo courtesy Senator Barrasso Facebook page

Today, host Dave Chaffin's featured guest at 7:37AM MSTwill be U.S. Senator from Wyoming, Senator John Barrasso. Plus...these other guests, too:

7:07 SCOTTIE NELL HUGES  Tea Party Vows "No Retreat"...with TPNN...The TEA Party Network...The Tea Party News Network is the Tea Party's only trusted news source and the antidote to mainstream media bias.  Working on behalf of neither candidate nor political party, we cover the stories other outlets ignore, hold politicians of both parties accountable for their promises, and pull no punches in our principled commentaries on the national scene. Our single motivation is to tell readers the truth about the Washington establishment, our elected officials, and the depth of their fidelity to constitutional principles.
7:37AM MST: U.S. Senator John Barasso- We will be talking qwith him about his take oj last week's election, what he see ahead for Congress, and what he thinks about the "Fiscal Cliff".
8:07AM MST:: Dr. Arnold Buron...(Co-Author of "Stress as Trigger, Your Body as Target,") Possibly you saw my recent piece in the WTE on the need to get rid of homework.  Dr Burron also addressed the topic with PTA members who are concerned about reducing family stress caused by homework.  He will discuss the  topic of reducing stress caused by homework--first, by getting rid of homework entirely, and , if that is unpalatable to traditionalists, at least by  implementing some steps on the part of teachers that can substantially ameliorate the current disruption of peaceful family life caused by homework. Dr. Burron has presented the topic to thousands of teachers across the country at various conferences, and has taught the concepts for decades to teacher education candidates at UNC. He says, "Since he has grandchildren in the Cheyenne schools, I'd like to induce some rethinking on the part of Cheyenne educators. "

9:07MST: Dr. Mark Stock Laramie County School District #1 Superintendent....will update us on the top issues facing public education in the district.