7:37AM MDT:  Travis Lingenfelter-Point Frontier Retirement Community, will discuss what Pointe Frontier is up to lately, discuss the National Fraud Against Seniors Week, and a new scam being used against not only Seniors but others as well. The week of August 26th to August 30th has been designated as National Fraud Against Senior Citizens Awareness Week in the United States . The campaign is intended to increase the public's awareness of the impact that fraud has on senior citizens and to educate consumers - senior citizens, their families and caregivers - about the signs of fraudulent activities and how to report suspected fraud to the appropriate authorities.

8:07AM MDT: Carole Bennett, talks about her new book 'Reclaim Your Life – You and the Alcoholic/Addict.'  Carole is a staff columnist for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and like my book I write about addiction and recovery as it encompasses the family and the challenges they face with their loved ones substance abuse issues.

9:00AM MDT : Dr. Mark Stock, Superintendent LCSD#1 will update us on all the latest going on with our public schools.