The University of Wyoming has approved a major revision to its general studies program, which is the coursework required for all students pursing bachelor’s degrees.

The general studies program, called the University Studies Program (USP), consists of coursework required for all students pursuing bachelor’s degrees at UW. In addition to that core of 30 required credit hours in the new program, UW students will continue to be required to complete specific coursework in their respective colleges and for their specific majors.

Brett Kahler, a communication major from Casper who just completed his term as president of the Associated Students of UW, said “the current USP is viewed by many students as large, difficult to navigate and overly complicated, placing too many constraints on undergraduates -- particularly transfers and those who change majors.”  He added “increasing the simplicity and clarity of the system is a wonderful objective that the new program will definitely accomplish.”

According to a news release, the most significant change is the addition of a required course called a first-year seminar for all freshmen at UW. Students each will choose one such three-credit course from more than 60 available in a wide range of disciplines, from computer science to art. The new general studies program is scheduled to be in place for the fall 2015 semester.