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Commentary:Another Stagflation Warning for the U.S. Economy
Sven Larson is an economist with the Wyoming Liberty Group and is a regular guest on KGAB's Moring Zone Program on our special series, "WYOMING PERSPECTIVES" with Wyomig Legislator Amy Edmonds each Friday at 8:07AM MDT.
By Sven Larson
The Obama administration is still…
Markowski and Evans-The Economy and Jobs on The Morning Zone
Wednesday is our day to focus on the economy in The Morning Zone. Following our look at business and financial news at 6:06AM MDT, we will be joined by long time friend of the show, The Watchdog On Wall Street Chris Markowski at 7:07.We'll take a look at last Friday's jobs report, more on …
It’s Financial Wednesday In The Morning Zone
7:07AM MDT: Today, host Dave Chaffin talks with The Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski, on those issues effecting our economy the most. They will look at the ramifications of tomorrow's expected Supreme Court decision on Obamacare both from the perspective of the Court upholding the law t…
Is the Economy Getting Better? – Survey of the Day
Over the last few months, there has been some data that suggests the sluggish economy could be improving. Mainly, the unemployment rate, which has dropped to 8.3 percent after reaching a 26-year high of 10 percent in late 2009. However, according to a new survey from Poll Postion, the public is spli…
Mountain States Leading Economic Indicator Ends 2011 Strong
By Ernie Goss
(Ernie Goss will discuss his latest Mountain States Economic Report Wednesday at 7:30AM MST on The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin)
Little 2012 Wage Growth
December survey results at a glance:
·         Leading economic indicator expands to …
It’s Financial Wednesday on the Morning Zone[Audio]
Today is Financial Wednesday on The Morning Zone,  and Dave's guests will be:
7:07AM MDT The Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski. Chris is a renown financial manager that keeps us informed about what's really happening in the economy and how it effects our pocket books.
Markowski on The Economy in The Morning Zone[Audio]
Europe has a debt crisis. America has a jobs crisis. Corporate profits could be in trouble. World financial markets are in turmoil. And no one seems prepared to ride to the rescue. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke bluntly warned Congress on Tuesday of what most of America has sensed for some ti…