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Islamic butchery manifests in America with Muslim immigrants
****By Frosty Wooldridge****
Americans must ask themselves if Muslim-style “multiculturalism” fits into the United States of America.  Can our country tolerate beheadings, be-handings, female genital mutilation, arranged marriages of 12 year old girls and murders of gays...
Commentary: Too Big to Fail?
~~~By Amy Edmonds on November 30, 2012~~~
(Amy Edmonds is a former Wyoming legislator, and now a member of the conservative think tank, The Wyoming Libery Group. She appears each Friday on KGAB's Morning Zone at 8:07AM MST along with Economist Sven Larson in our special segment, "Wyomin…
Micah Halpern Has Been Thinking Again
Micah is our middle eastern analyst and often appears with us on the Morning Zone, plus listen to his morning  blogs at 6:35AM MDT
Debate - Unsportsmanlike Conduct
By Micah Halpern
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
The 2nd presidential debate was at time very tense, it even made me uncomfortable watching…