Average Gas Price Spikes Six Cents in Wyoming
Analysts with GasBuddy.com say gas prices in Wyoming and around the country are on the rise again.
“The average price in Wyoming increased from about $3.08 to about $3.14 per gallon, while the national average has increased by a very similar amount,” senior petroleum analy…
Wyoming Gas Prices Still Relatively Stable
Analysts with GasBuddy.com say, despite increased national volatility, gas prices in Wyoming are remaining relatively stable.
“Prices are little-changed over the last week, rising just five-tenths of a penny across the state of Wyoming, currently standing at about $3...
Wyoming Gas Prices Move Marginally
Gas prices in Wyoming aren't moving much.
GasBuddy.com senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says the average price for a gallon of regular in the Cowboy State inched up less than a cent last week to $3.06.
“It’s pretty quiet at the pump, and we expect that will hold this …
Wyoming Gas Prices Increase Again
Petroleum analysts with GasBuddy.com say the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in the Cowboy State increased again last week.
“Wyoming prices increased about 1.4 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging now $3.08,” GasBuddy...
Wyoming Gas Prices on the Rise Again
Analysts with GasBuddy.com say Wyoming's average gas price has risen for the first time in several weeks.
“Prices jumped about six cents per gallon here in the last week, very similar to what we saw nationally – the national average rose about five cents per gallon to $3...
Wyoming Average Gas Price Down to $3.12
Wyoming’s average gas price saw another decline last week.
GasBuddy.com senior petroleum analyst Gregg Laskoski says the price for a gallon of regular in the Cowboy State slid three cents last week to $3.12 per gallon.
Laskoski says, this week, reduced demand may pull that price down e…

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