Illegal Immigration

Part 1: What America will look like in 2050?
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
Does anyone in the United States understand or comprehend what America will look like in 2050 “IF” we continue endless immigration into our country?  Does any leader possess an inkling of the ramifications of adding the projected 100 million …
America’s advancing calamity: compelling radio interview
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
For the past 35 years, I have written commentaries, spoken on all major TV networks and interviewed on over 1,000 radio shows.   I address the long-term ramifications of endless immigration into America that major talking heads fear and most journalists flee: Wolf Blitzer, Br…
Monday’s Morning Zone: Immigration Is The Thing!
Today is immigration Monday on the Morning Zone:
7:07AM MDT: World traveler, teacher, author and columnist, Frosty Wooldridge continues his series with us on the long term consequences of illegal immigration and over population. (See his latest column under "Opinion" tab)
8:07AM MDT: Our man…

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