Dick Morris

Wednesday Hannity Has Jindal and Morris
5:05pm MDT Governor Bobby Jindal on Scott Walker's decided victory in Wisconsin and what it means for the Presidential election in November.
6:05pm MDT Political Analyst Dick Morris will be here to discuss the media frenzy surrouding comments made by his former boss, P…
Monday on Hannity: Buchanan,Tyrrell, and Morris
5:05pm MDT Pat Buchanan will discuss the defeat of Nikolas Sarkozy to Socialist Party Candidate Francoise Hollande which he sees as the beginning of the end of the European Union especially when coupled with the exorbitant challenges associated with Greece...
Hannity has Gingrich, Morris, Santorum and Luntz
Tune in The Sean Hannity Radio Program 4-7PM MST on AM650 KGAB and www.kgab.com. Today, Sean's guests are:
5:05 pm MST Speaker Newt Gingrich lays out his strategy for New Hampshire, South Carolina and winning the nomination.

5:35 pm MST Dick Morris will analyze last nights results and predict fu…
Morris and Bachmann on Hannity

Listen as Sean talks to:
5:05pm MST Political Analyst Dick Morris will breakdown the polls and the rivalry between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney-- who has the edge against Obama, we'll ask!
6:05pm MST Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Author of the new book Core of Conviction,  will discuss her book …
Today on The Sean Hannity Radio Program
Sean's guests today:
Everyone's favorite outspoken Conservative, Coulter is here to analyze tonight's debate and discuss her support for Mitt Romney...