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7:07AM MDT Early Bird Open Lines...Be our guest and call in with what's on your mind to 1-888-503-6500 toll free or 307-632-6500 or 632-3323 locally.
7:37AM MDT: Political pundit, Ben Barrack is back to talk about the ties between
Huma’s mother and Liz …
Tuesday’s Morning Zone Line-Up
Today on The Morning Zone:
7:07AM MDT: Law Enforcement columnist, Jim Kouri, guests with host Dave Chaffin and will be discussing his latest columns on Pakistan's Christians being ambushed and killed by islamic terorrists and Al Qaeda in Yemen killing dozens of soldiers and police...
Tuesday On The Morning Zone
7:07AM MDT: Law Enforcement columnist Jim Kouri returns to talk with host Dave Chaffin about his latest column on  a growing number of U.S. sheriffs are refusing to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens. Sheriffs opposed to Obama gun agenda Sheriffs ...
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Thursday’s Morning Zone
Good Morning! Here's what's happening today on The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin!
7:07AM MDT: Early Bird Open Lines...Especially designed for you who must go off to work by 8 and the boss won't let you call in after that. You pick the topic, then call in toll free at 1-888-503-6500 or…
Thursday On The Morning Zone
Today will be another great show on The Morning Zone as Dave's guests will be:
7:37AM MDT: Today's Ask A Local Expert is  Travis Lingenfelter,  Marketing Director at Pointe Frontier Retirement Community.
8:07AM MDT:  Ben Barrack is an Investigative Radio Host and Blogger who b…