Senator Mike Enzi answered questions from constituents on Unemployment insurance as well as questions about the nomination of Janet Yellen and auditing the Federal Reserve.

As far as unemployment insurance Enzi said "a lot of these things can be solved, but not the way that we’re operating as a Senate right now. Harry Reid gets to call up any bill, he’s called up unemployment insurance, then he shut off all debate, he shut off all amendments." Enzi added there are "several amendments that would really make a difference and pay for the extension of unemployment benefits.He said "one way that would be paid for is if people were limited to only one kind of subsidy. Right now they might be able to have an unemployment subsidy, a disability subsidy, and a subsidy for their job having been shipped overseas. They would have to pick one, and that would save enough to pay for the bill."

Responding to a question about Janet Yellen and auditing the Federal Reserve, Enzi said he voted against Janet Yellen’s nomination. He added that he has also been pushing for an audit of the Federal Reserve. Enzi said "the argument against having an audit of the Federal Reserve is they say that if the American people knew how it worked and what the debts were, that the economy might collapse."