Another Medicaid expansion bill dies in the house, but a different Medicaid bill survives introduction in the Senate.

Medicaid Expansion

The Wyoming House killed a Medicaid expansion bill Friday on a 33-27 introduction vote. House Bill 161 would have authorized a negotiation with the federal government for a Medicaid demonstration waiver. The Wyoming Senate voted to introduce a bill sponsored by Senate Minority Floor Leader Senator Chris Rothfuss. Senate File 118 calls for a phased medicaid expansion.

Legislative Priorities

House Minority Floor Leader Representative Mary Throne (HD-11) says the budget session is about to get a whole lot busier as lawmakers begin working the budget bill next week. She says her priorities are state employee pay raises and additional funding for local governments.

Brand new lawmaker, Representative Troy Mader (HD-52), said the learning curve is pretty steep, especially in the budget session. He said his priorities include dealing with the Environmental Protection Agency and the administration's "war on coal." Representative Mader replaced Representative Sue Wallis who died in January.

Senate Introduces School Calendar Bill

Senate File 32, sponsored by Senator Bill Landen (SD-27), was introduced on a 22-8 vote Friday. The bill would move in-service training days for teachers to the summer or at other times when school is not in session.