Join Reid and Ted for This Free Ranging Rocky Mountain Exclusive as they talk Guns, Rights, Values, Involvement, Debt, Deficit, Obama  And Lifestyle!


Reid Lance Rosenthal and Ted Nugent--two freedom loving free thinkers! They agree on much, but not all. There is little they don't discuss--rip roaring commentary on the entitlement mentality, and the politicians who take your money to buy the votes of others at the expense of future generations, and want your guns so you cannot protest.

Frank thoughts on the pillars of America--family, tradition, self-reliance, faith, the constitution, and the people vs. a government and president run amok with spending, corruption, and glaring intention to subvert and control each and every facet of daily life.

But it's not all problems and gripes--there's plenty of talk about solutions, overcoming the apathy which grips many, and getting involved to turn America around one step and one mind at a time. There is a message they share, Ted via his music, #1 Bestselling book, Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto and his TV show, Spirit of the Wild (Outdoor Channel) and Reid via his #1 bestselling Threads West, An American Saga 16 book series and his On The Right Side Radio show--listen and share the outspoken feelings of these brother patriots in Reid's exclusive Rocky Mountain interview of the one and only Ted Nugent!