Businessman Mike Olson has filed as a Republican for the open four year seat on the Laramie County Commission. Olson says he sees the Niobrara Oil Play as one of the major issues facing the county over the next few years, especially it's impact on county infrastructure and water.

Olson says he thinks the county and the oil industry can reduce the negative impacts of the development by working together and taking the time to deliberately plan ahead to address issues before they become major problems. He says one idea he likes to reduce the strain on the water supply is for developers to re-use water from site to site to reduce water consumption.

On budget issues Olson says he thinks the commission should take a hard look at county programs to reduce waste and improve efficiency. He says by doing that he thinks layoffs of county employees to balance the budget could b e avoided, adding he thinks the employees ''are a huge asset" and should be retained if at all possible.

Olson has been the owner of Wyoming Steel Fabricators and Erectors in Cheyenne for the past 11 years. He says his experience of dealing with budget issues and changing conditions as a business owner would give him a strong background for the commission, adding that in many ways running the county is much like running a business.