The Wyoming Highway Patrol, Laramie County Sheriff's Department and Cheyenne Police Department held a joint news conference Tuesday morning in Cheyenne to let people know a special state-wide enforcement effort aimed at motorists not wearing seat belts, known as the ''May Mobilization'.

Lt. Don Hollingshead of the Laramie County Sheriff's Department told the gathering that in his 17 years in law enforcement he personally has never investigated a highway fatality in which the victim was wearing a seat-belt. He said that last year in Wyoming 63 percent of people killed in car wrecks were not buckled up. He said that percentage went up to 83 percent of victims of nighttime crashes. His sentiments were echoed by a representative of the Wyoming Highway Patrol and Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak. May mobilization in Wyoming runs through June 4th, and the Highway Patrol says it will have all available officers on patrol for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, paying special attention to seat belt violations.