The follow up investigation to the November 26th car stop and arrest of 53 year old Cheyenne resident, Phillip Martin, has resulted in the total seizure of close to 40 pounds of meth and cocaine and an additional arrest.

Larmie County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Captain Linda Gesell says initially, Martin was stopped by a Laramie County Sheriff’s Department Deputy at approximately 5AM for speeding on November 26th. Gesell says the Deputy became suspicious of odors coming from the vehicle and Martin’s actions. With the assistance of a drug dog from the Sheriff’s Department close to 9 pounds of meth and cocaine were found in the vehicle initially.

During a follow up on search warrants of his vehicle and residence, the Sheriff’s Department and DEA Cheyenne Office located and seized an additional 29 pounds of meth and a pound of cocaine. Value of the seized drugs on the street is estimated to be between 1 to 2 million dollars. Additionally, 25 guns; approximately $18,500 in cash; and a new Skidsteer Loader and accessories (valued at $70,000 that had been paid for with cash the week prior) was also seized. This is one of the largest seizures in Wyoming history.

Gesell says Martin had been under observation since April of this year through an investigation by a Laramie County Task Force Officer assigned to the Cheyenne DEA Office.

Martin has been charged in Federal Court for conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs. Also arrested and charged with conspiracy was Cheyenne resident, 35 year old, Thomas F. Aflague, Jr. Both have been remanded to custody of Federal Authorities. Gesell says the investigation remains on-going and additional arrests may follow.