Two news team members. Two Super Bowl teams. One friendly office rivalry. Super Bowl XLVIII won't keep KGAB from delivering on-point news to locals, but it will ultimately determine who holds the crown for the superior office team. Amy Richards and Doug Randall square off below: Who will win? The Denver Donkeys, or the Seattle SeaChickens?



Illustration by Reese Kutzler/Townsquare Media, Photo by iStock

When it comes to who will win Sunday's Super Bowl in New Jersey, I have two words: Peyton Manning.

If that isn't enough, here are five more: greatest offense of all time.

I just don't think the Seahawks defense, good as they are, can shut down arguably the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. No slam on Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson-who may be the best young athletic QB in the league--but he's no Peyton, at least not yet.

The Bronco offense set an all-time season record for points (603) and is the only team in NFL history with four receivers to score at least 10 touchdowns in a season.

Richard Sherman may be ALMOST as good as he thinks he is, but he can't cover everybody.

My prediction: Denver 34, Seattle 28.



Illustration by Reese Kutzler/Townsquare Media, Photo by iStock

I am picking Seattle because I believe defense wins champions.

All you have to do is look at the impressive numbers Seattle's defense posted this season to know they'll take the trophy on Sunday.

According to the NFL, the Seahawks only allowed 231 points this season, which is an average of 14.4 points per game. The NFL average was 23.4 points per contest.

The Seahawks defense only allowed 4,378 yards this season, which topped the NFL by only giving up 273.6 yards per game. The Seahawks only allowed 2,752 passing yards all season. That's 353 yards fewer than the next best team in the league New Orleans. The Seahawks pass defense only allowed 172 yards per contest this year, which was 63.6 yards better than the league average.

Although they didn't face Payton Manning this season, they did face some pretty good quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Colin Kapernick.

Need more? The Seahawks defense had the most interceptions in the NFL, picking off 28 passes. That's five interceptions better than the next closest team--Buffalo.

While defense will obviously win the championship, Seattle's offense is not too shabby. Quarterback Russell Wilson's 52 touchdown passes are tied with Peyton Manning for second-most by a quarterback in his first two seasons.

My prediction: Seattle 24, Denver 21.