Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says what the 2014 legislative session  and the possible effects of federal sequestration were hot topics during last week's Wyoming Association of Municipalities [WAM]  meeting in Riverton.

Kaysen says even though the 2014 legislature is more than 6 months away, the fact that it will be a budget session makes it a topic of interest to local governments around the state. Kaysen says there is a lot of concern about state money for local governments.

The mayor says many communities across the state "are still struggling" with their budgets. Kaysen says even though the overall economy seems to be improving local sales tax revenues aren't reflecting that in many areas of the state.

The mayor also says that local governments are expecting a "trickle down" effect of federal sequestration cuts, especially in regard to programs such as medicare and medicaid. Kaysen also says that for communities with a strong military presence the effect of furloughs are a concern.

.But the mayor what the exact impact of sequestration will be on Wyoming communities in coming months is difficult to determine at this point.