Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says he's in favor if implementing a pay increase for city employees recommended by a consultant, but says it may have to happen over several years.

On Wednesday, Phillip Robertson, Senior Vice President of the North Carolina-based Mercer Group, presented the city council with a draft report on city employee pay and classification. The report recommended increasing city employee pay by a total amount of roughly $653,000.

Kaysen said Thursday that while he supports the proposed pay increases, the city can't afford the " overnight fix of bringing everybody up to minimum levels " as proposed by the consultant..

Kaysen says that if the council decides to go along with the increases, it will be up to an Implementation Team to recommend how to go about it, adding it may be a ''multi year movement forward to try to bring those positions to minimum".

Kaysen says the report's recommendations  will be formally proposed to the council at it's August 26th meeting