[/caption]Albert Einstein was a rebel who was rejected by schools, society, and science. How did he turn it around and make discoveries leading to DVDs, iPods, lasers, computers, GPS and the Internet? Join me, Gary Freeman, as I talk with physicist Robert Piccioni, Ph.D who translates modern science into plain English, about how this "outcast" helped to change our lives today. Click past the jump to hear this great interview about Albert Einstein!

Robert Piccioni, Ph.D., a physicist who translates modern science into plain English, says, “Most people think Albert Einstein was an absent-minded professor whose far-out theories have nothing to do with our daily lives. Wrong!” In this delightful show, you’ll explore how Einstein overcame rejection and enabled almost all aspects of our technology driven society. Anyone who can operate a DVD player or iPod can understand and appreciate Einstein’s theories.

How Can Einstein Help Us Solve Our Current Problems?

• How did a man who couldn’t find his keys help develop GPS?
• What does Einstein have to do with laser surgery and barcode scanners?
• How did Einstein enable video and digital cameras and modern telescopes?
• What did Einstein say about space travel?
• How can Einstein’s theories help solve our energy and climate problems?

CREDENTIALS: Robert Piccioni has a Ph.D. from Stanford, was formerly on the research faculty of Harvard, and has a B.S. from Caltech where he studied under famous physicist Richard Feynman. An expert on cosmology and Einstein’s theories, Dr. Piccioni hosts an online radio show Guide to the Cosmos with Robert Piccioni, and is the author of two award-winning books: CAN LIFE BE MERELY AN ACCIDENT? and EVERYONE’S GUIDE TO ATOMS, EINSTEIN, AND THE UNIVERSE.