Now that the primary election in Wyoming is over, how do you plan to deal with it?

Maybe your candidates won and maybe they lost, but people tend to face a "depression" of sorts after the day of any primary or national election. So what to do when you're feeling down? You were all pumped up and just knew for sure that your favorite candidate "had it in the bag", only to wake up and realize that they fell through the bag and lost.

Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight 5 ideas that may help you with your post-election depression day as prompted by

  1. Support Another Candidate - The primary is over, it's now time to start thinking about who you will vote for in the national election in November.
  2. Indulge Yourself - This is your day, devoted to you, to indulge. Go get that pedicure, manicure or full body spa you've always wanted. Or you can go out for a banana split. Either way, enjoy!
  3. Release A Balloon - Take a photo of your favorite candidate who lost, tape them to a helium balloon and "let them go." You might feel better after this.
  4. Don't Move To Canada - Many have threatened to do this, but it's really not necessary to do so. No probably took you too serious on that anyway.
  5. Distance Yourself - No need to torture yourself by arguing with those who tout, "I told you so." Go out and have some non-political fun with some non-political friends.

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