Laramie County Commissioner M. Lee Hassenour says the $50 bills he had handed out at a commission meeting Monday night to members of the public were his way of keeping a campaign promise.

Hassenour says when ran for county commissioner in 2012, he promised to give back $2500 of his commission salary if elected. Hassenour says he thinks the salary paid to commissioners should be reduced. But since that couldn't be done right now, he says giving back a portion of his salary was the best available option.

Hassenour says he hopes other elected officials will follow his lead and give back part of their salaries, and specifically would like to see each of the other county commissioners return $2500 to the public this year. Hassenour says he also hopes the commissioners will look at cutting their own salaries next year in time for the next county budget.

At Monday's meeting Hassenour had another man handing out 50 dollar bills.  About 27 $50  bills were handed out Monday, and Hassenour says he plans to give out the remainder of the $2500 this year.