Governor Matt Mead says  Wyoming Medicaid Expansion Analysis  says the best estimate for the cost of full expansion in Wyoming is $116-$148 million over six years. The study clarifies that most expansion is not optional.  Mead says as "we work with the Legislature and make a decision on how to approach health care this study points out that some areas are not optional and would be a significant cost to the state from 2014 to 2020.”

Before making decisions with the Legislature regarding health care Governor Mead said he is still waiting for a response to questions he posed to the federal government. Governor Mead sent a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in July and he joined Republican Governors to send another set of questions.  He says the total cost of the expansion to both the state of Wyoming and the federal government will be between $537 million to $1.7 billion dollars. Governor Mead says no decision has been made yet on what the state will do about the medicaid expansion. He says he is concerned about whether or not the federal government will have the money to pay for the expansion in the future.