Governor Matt Mead said the latest economic news is positive for the state. According to the latest figures, the unemployment rate in Wyoming for February is 4.2%. That is the state’s lowest jobless rate since 2008 and places Wyoming sixth in the nation. Additionally, Wyoming had the 7th highest ranking for personal income according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released at the end of March.

Governor Matt Mead said these latest indicators show the strength of Wyoming, and he believes the economy will continue to expand: "We continue to strive to support our top three industries - energy, tourism and agriculture - and our small businesses, while we also look to diversify with new manufacturing and technology businesses.”

Wyoming’s per capita personal income for 2013 was $50,924. On April 2, the Tax Foundation, which is a nonpartisan tax policy research group, found that Wyoming residents enjoyed the lowest state and local tax burden in the country. This is on the heels of an analysis showing Wyoming is the second best run state in the nation.