Governor Matt Mead is proposing Wyoming and private partners invest in a world-class research center to develop and test new uses for carbon captured from coal-based power plants. The goal is to develop new markets for carbon in addition to enhanced oil recovery.

Governor Mead is "asking the Legislature to look closely at the idea of Wyoming joining with utilities, power plants and other private companies to build a test center - essentially setting up a laboratory for a select group of scientists to experiment with uses of carbon.”

He is proposing that the State set aside $15 million to cover some capital costs for the center and for University of Wyoming research to take place there. Because there is lot of demand for CO2 to be used in enhanced oil recovery in Wyoming, this test center would be complimentary to work in that field. The money would not be spent until an implementation plan has been reviewed by the Legislature and approved by the Advanced Conversion Technology Task Force and the Governor.

Wyoming is home to the largest coal mines in the United States and provides 40% of the nation’s coal. Coal in turn provides 37% of America’s electricity. There are several private companies that would be involved with this project and they would work with the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources.