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7:07AM  MDT: We're off to a very contraversial start today with Aaron Anson, the author of “Mind Your Own Life,” and is a “new thought coach” featured in numerous publications including AARP. Anson was married to a woman with whom he had two children before accepting that he was a gay man. He now has a same-sex spouse. Aaron will talk about Obama's change in support of gay marriage.

7:37 AM MDT-Ask A Local Expert, Travis Lingenfelter, Marketing Director at Pointe Frontier Retirement Community is back and will be discussing a current battle happening in D.C. over funding for Alzheimer’s. We will also discuss how a state in our union has moved forward with signing Obama Care into law prior to the Supreme Court ruling on its constitutionality.

8:07AM MDT Open Line time

9:07AM MDT: Dr. Mark Stock, Superintendent of Laramie County School District #1 is back to update us what's happening as we near the end of the 2011-12 school year.