Listen at 7:07AM MDT for the return of Frosty Wooldridge on The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin. Frosty took a month off to bicycle across the west, including Wyoming, and he will share with us some of his interesting experiences and observations, plus, talk about his latest column.

At 8:07, Casey Luskin guests. Doctrinaire Darwinists got a black eye in court this week. The California Science Center (egged on the by staff at the Smithsonian and other institutions) tried to stifle a public debate about the scientific evidence for Darwinism’s atheistic explanation of the origins of the universe. To their surprise, these state-funded mandarins found themselves in a lawsuit, says Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute—and it didn’t end well for them. Mr. Luskin explains why the CSC settlement is a major victory for free scientific inquiry and free speech. Casey Luskin is Research Coordinator and a policy analyst for the Discovery Institute and author of Traipsing Into Evolution, a comprehensive and concise critique of the Kitzmiller v. Dover decision, the first trial discussing the teaching of Intelligent Design in public schools.

Then at 9:07, Phil McGovern from the Cheyenne Family YMCA will be on to talk about the upcoming Wyoming Workforce Wellness Summit