7:07AM MDT: Host Dave Chaffin is joined by Renee Hanson, LPC and John Frntheway, Child Advocate in our 'Kids-At-Risk' series. Today, they will look at a rec HealthDay News showing Parents may resort to physical means of admonishing their ent article inkids in public spaces much more frequently than they admit to in surveys, a new study suggests. In another finding, the research showed that fathers tended to more often dole out hugs versus spankings to their kids when out in public.
The study, from a team at Michigan State University, is published in the current issue of Behavior and Social Issues. According to the researchers, parents dealing with misbehaving children in public places often resort to "negative touches" -- actions such as arm-pulling, pinching, slapping and spanking. But "positive touches," such as patting, tickling or hugging, are typically more effective in getting young children to behave, the researchers say.

8:07AM MDT: Economist Sven Larson from Wyoming Liberty Group and State Legislator Amy Edmonds join Dave in 'Wyoming Perspectives', a new segment on The Morning Zone, and today, they will talk about Federal Funds in Wyoming and how we get off them.  They call it the "Cold turkey vs. pathway out" discussion and will hit on why they advocate for a pathway out and NOT cold turkey.   They'll also focus in on Transportation dollars and have a good toll road vs. gas tax discussion, cost to build and federal vs. state dollar spread in transportation funds.