7:07AM MDT: Today during our Kids-AT-Risk series, host Dave Chaffin will be joined by Renee' Hansen, LPC and Child Advocate, John Frentheway to discuss at length a recent story on the very contrversial subject that children who remain at home after an abuse investigation are often still facing risk factors for maltreatment a few years later, a new study finds. In the U.S., states' Child Protective Services (CPS) investigate more than three million new cases of possible child abuse each year. In a small percentage of cases -- less than 10 percent -- the child will be placed into foster care. A number of studies have looked into how children fare in the foster-care system. But a lot less has been known about that vast majority of kids who remain at home.

8:07AM MDT: Marvin Nash from Bullying Hurts joins Dave and will further discuss the recent School Bullying Wegnar and where do we go from here, plus, Marvin will review the Bullying Documentary and discussion from last night's Cheyenne Film Festival airing.

9:07 AM MDT: Cheyenne Regional Medical Center CEO, Dr. Lucas and Leigh West, vice president of marketing and communications, will be our guests . They will continue the discussion about The  Wyoming Solution—the proposed partnership between Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and Wyoming Medical Center. This time around they could also discuss how a partnership might impact physicians—and what some of the physician response  has been. They could also discuss what the partnership might mean for patients in both communities and around the state. They should also be able to share any updates since Leigh talked to Dave last month.