Today on The Morning Zone:

7:07AM MDT: Our Kids-At- Risk panel explores what doctors have long known,  that some kids suffering severe emotional turmoil find relief in physical pain -- cutting or burning or sticking themselves with pins to achieve a form of release. But researchers now are questioning whether enough is being done to reach out to these young people and help them before they do themselves irreparable damage. One study this year found that six of every 10 adolescents who went to an emergency room for treatment after harming themselves were released without receiving a mental health assessment or any follow-up mental health care. The findings were reported in the February issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. "Most young people who self-harm suffer from some underlying psychological disorder," said Jeffrey Bridge, a researcher with the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and the study's lead author. "It's critical to conduct a mental health assessment in addition to the evaluation of their physical health if we're to get to the root of their problems."

8:07AM MDT; Marvin Nash from Bullying Hurts and The Nash Foundation rejoins us with some disturbing news on bullying around the nation. Then in the 9:07 segment, Forensic psychologist Dr. Kenneth Manges joins the conversation. Bullies don't take summer vacations. Bullies are all around us; on the roads, in our offices and in our schools.  Manges says 56% of men said they experience road rage, and 228,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools every month. He will also reveal the top five states where bullies reside, that 75% of all bullies wind up in prison before age
24, and where it all started. and he will talk about Ground Zero and the nine steps you need to take
to make you and your child’s life bully free.