Airmen stationed on F.E. Warren Air Force Base are urged to take a stand against sexual assault this month.

In his monthly Roll Call message Monday, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody expressed the need to fully remove sexual assaults from the military: "We must have the courage to admit sexual assault is happening and is a problem, the courage to act when a fellow airman is in danger, and the courage to speak up when we hear or see something that just isn't right. We know what's right, and what's not."

The Chief Master Sergeant's statement comes on the final days of Sexual Assault Awareness Month for the Air Force. Sexual assault is a serious issue and continues to affect the lives of airmen in the workplace. Concerning sexual assault, Cody encouraged airmen and women to approach it the same way they would against the enemies of the battlefield: wiith courage and commitment.

In fiscal year 2013, it was reported that more than 5,000 sexual assault cases were filed by military service members--a definitive increase from the previous year, which may be due to victims reporting the assaults against them, according to the Defense Department.