An experiment testing whether Cheyenne residents would pay for tea on an "honor system" basis found 93% of local residents did so.

Seth Goldman, President of the Honest Tea Company says containers of tea were left out  with no one watching. People were asked to pay for the tea without any consequences for not doing so, and Goldman says 93% of the tea samples left out in Cheyenne were paid for--one of the higher rates in the nation.

Goldman says the survey involved ''several hundred" people and was conducted during Cheyenne Frontier Days 2014. Although Cheyenne's honesty score in the experiment was high, it wasn't the highest. Honolulu, Hawaii, scored a 99% honesty rate, and Nashville, Tenn. and Birmingham, Alabama were also in the upper 90s. At the other end of the scale,

Providence, Rhode Island scored only an 80%, and Minneapolis, Minn. scored an 81%--the lowest scoring cities in the study. Goldman says overall. women were slightly more honest than men, but every city in the survey scored at least an 80% honesty rate, and there were no particular patterns among different geographical regions