Cheyenne City Councilwoman Georgia Broyles questioned city officials about what can be done to reduce the number of potholes on city streets at Monday's meeting of the council Finance Committee.

Broyles says other cities she's visited, including ones with a similar climate to Cheyenne, don't seem to have as many potholes. City Engineer Rob Geringer told the committee his office is studying what can be done to  reduce the number of potholes on city streets. Mayor Rick Kaysen told the committee that a new type of sealant which was recently used on Dell Range Boulevard seems to be working well and might be used to address the pothole problem in other areas of the city.

Assistant Public Works Director Vicki Nemecek told the committee that city crews recently had to spend three nights repairing potholes on Pershing, and said that has set back efforts to repair potholes in other areas, adding the crews are doing everything they can to deal with the increased number of potholes that typically appear this time of year.

Broyles said after the meeting she just wanted to make sure the situation was being dealt with and "things are moving forward" in regard to the number of potholes on city streets.