Tuesday, 4-7PM MST on KGAB, Sean has:
5:05pm MST- Conservative Pundit Ann Coulter referred to President Barack Obama as rapper “Flavor Flav” at CPAC last Friday. After Coulter said that Obama was not “mawkish” like Carter or “sleazy like Clinton, she went into her criticism of Obama, she'll share her critique of the President and explain her CPAC comments.

5:35pm MST- Fox Business Host Stuart Varney is here to give us the state of the US economy and the latest on the Euro Crisis as the EU struggles to stay afloat and keep Greece from continuing its downward spiral.

6:35pm MST- Democratic Strategist Doug Schoen authored an article in the Daily Beast today stating that the Americans Elect Movement could still nominate a viable independent candidate for President who could, according to recent polls, have a shot at victory.