Laramie County School District #1 will be launching a new website within the next few days, according to spokeswoman Mary Quast.

She says among the changes will be an emphasis on more frequently updated content.

She says the district will try to update the contest every day to every other day. she says that will be a change from the current website, where the content is updated "frequently" in her words, but not as often as it will be on the new site.

She says photo content on the current site is updated "maybe quarterly," adding that policy will change once the new site is launched, featuring much fresher photographic content.

She also says the districts twitter feed, which was launched recently under the twitter handle "Cheyenne Schools," will be prominently featured on the new website.

Quast also says the new website will feature 'some fun new things that I think parents and students will appreciate, and staff as well."

Quast said Monday she expects the new site to be launched sometime this week. The new site will be available at the same address as the current district website.