Captain Mitch Maxwell, who has spent more than 19 yars in the Cheyenne Police Department, says he is running for Laramie County Coroner because he believes he has the experience and skills to do the job. 

Maxwell, a republican, says the job requires someone who is an experienced investigator.

I have the most investigative experience of anybody in the field. You know thousands of investigations and not only first hand investigations but I have also supervised and reviewed investigations of other police officers and detectives.

Maxwell said he also has administrative experience and understands the ins and outs of budgets and the politics of local governments.

I helped run an $11.5 million dollar budget at the Cheyenne Police Department. I understand the coroner's office budget is only $300,000.  I understand personnel issues, hiring and firing, the Fair Labor Standards Act. All that stuff is important information that you need to have to run an office.


Maxell said he decided to run when he learned former county coroner Marty Luna was planning to resign. Maxwell said his relationships and connections within law enforcement would help him hit the ground running if he is elected. He added that if elected he will resign from the police department.